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Our policies are implemented to ensure the consistent growth and contribution towards empowering communities. We have created policies in line with our vision and our mission, guaranteeing that our work reflect our policies. For last 15 years, we have crafted, implemented and keep refining the policies and practices that directly and indirectly contribute to the community and to the environment at large.

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At econutrena, we have established a well structured framework of quality control and management in compliance with international quality standards. Econutrena spices have won the trust of customers in the local and international market for this strong commitment to quality maintenance. Organically grown in the estates maintained by us, we ensure that all our raw materials are subjected to strict internal control systems and quality parameters. We use cutting edge technological solutions in the production process to protect the quality of products.


Our environmental policy is implemented and maintained in order to establish an environmental friendly society. Committed for environment protection, we strive to minimize environmental impacts by aiming in preserving natural habitats. Through out our production process, we adhere to local and international environment regulations, human resource, ethics and responsibilities. Since 2003, the organization was certified for following organic farming practices which encourage eco friendly policies.

Fair trade policy

Econutrena spices have incorporated fair trade policies in order to uplift and empower farming communities. Asa result, maximum prices are offered for all organic products to guarantee the income sustainability of the farming communities in the event of adverse market prices. In addition, a definite percentage of the export income is granted to a community development fund in order to uplift the living and social standards of small and medium farmers and employers.


We have introduced a code of sustainable development policy that will contribute to the sustainable growth. As an organization with a strong commitment to sustainable development, we value the importance of catering to the needs of the present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to cater to their needs. As a reliable organic spices supplier, econutrena spices ensures sustainable development through out the process.
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